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  2. Case Searches
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General Site Information

  1. Which courts are included in WebCriminal?
    • All Criminal Courts in
      1. New York City
      2. Nassau and Suffolk Counties
    • County Courts in the following counties
      1. Dutchess
      2. Erie
      3. Orange
      4. Putnam
      5. Rockland
      6. Westchester
    • The following City Courts
      1. Amsterdam
      2. Auburn
      3. Batavia
      4. Beacon
      5. Binghamton
      6. Buffalo
      7. Canandaigua
      8. Cohoes
      9. Corning
      10. Cortland
      11. Dunkirk
      12. Elmira
      13. Fulton
      14. Geneva
      15. Glen Cove
      16. Glens Falls
      17. Gloversville
      18. Hornell
      19. Hudson
      20. Ithaca
      21. Jamestown
      22. Johnstown
      23. Kingston
      24. Lackawanna
      25. Little Falls
      26. Lockport
      27. Long Beach
      28. Mechanicville
      29. Middletown
      30. Mount Vernon
      31. New Rochelle
      32. Newburgh
      33. Niagara Falls
      34. North Tonawanda
      35. Norwich
      36. Ogdensburg
      37. Olean
      38. Oneida
      39. Oneonta
      40. Oswego
      41. Peekskill
      42. Plattsburgh
      43. Port Jervis
      44. Poughkeepsie
      45. Rensselaer
      46. Rochester
      47. Rome
      48. Rye
      49. Salamanca
      50. Saratoga Springs
      51. Schenectady
      52. Sherrill
      53. Syracuse
      54. Tonawanda
      55. Troy
      56. Utica
      57. Watertown
      58. Watervliet
      59. White Plains
      60. Yonkers
    • We also display universal summons case information for New York City.

    • *At this time it is not possible to add cases from the City Courts to the eTrack case tracking service
  2. What information can I find about a case?
    • Basic Case Information
      1. Defendant Name
      2. Case Number / Summons Number (for summons cases in NYC)
      3. Next Appearance information: court, date, part and judge (Supreme and County cases only)
    • Detailed Case Information (click the Case # link on the Search Results page)
      1. Defendant's birth year
      2. Incident date
      3. Arrest date/time
      4. Case related numbers
      5. Arresting officer information
      6. Defense Attorney / District Attorney (if available)
    • Appearance Information (click Appearances on the left menu)
    • Charge Information (click Charges on the left menu)
    • Motion Information (click Motions on the left menu)
  3. Are all cases displayed in WebCriminal?
    • We display active cases with a future appearance date.
    • We do not display
      1. Finished/Disposed cases
      2. Open cases without a future appearance date (including those with outstanding warrants)
      3. Cases which have been sealed by order of the judge
      4. Cases involving an eligible youthful offender
      5. Cases which are sealed or eligible for sealing under CPL Section 160.55
      6. Cases with a future appearance date where the top conviction charge is an infraction or violation
  4. How often is case information updated?
    • Case information is updated daily, however after an appearance it may take the court a day or more to enter the next appearance, and for this to show up in WebCriminal.
  5. Why can't I see the detail screens when I click the Case # link?
    • Clicking on the Case # link opens a new window. If you have software to block pop-ups, this may prevent the new window from opening. We recommend that you turn off your pop-up blocker when using WebCriminal.
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Case Searches

  1. How do I find a case in WebCriminal?
    • You may choose to search by a case identifier or by the name of the defendant. You can limit your search results by selecting a county.
    • Case Identifier Search
      1. Select Case Identifier Search and enter either the Case Number or the Summons Number (for summons cases in NYC)
    • Defendant Search
      1. For a person, select Defendant Search and enter the first and last name (at least the first two letters of the first and last names)
      2. For a corporation, select Defendant Search and enter the corporation name (at least the first 5 characters)
    • To limit the search results, you may also select a County.
  2. I entered a Case Number but got a message saying "No records found" - why is that?
    • Check to see that you have entered the Case Number in the correct format.
      1. Always use a hyphen (-) not a slash (/) to separate parts of the number
      2. Include any leading zeroes (00009-2003 not 9-2003)
      3. If there is a letter at the end of the number (e.g. 2004SU123456S or 12345S-2004), you should include it
      4. If there is an SCI prefix (e.g. SCI-99771-2003), be sure to include it
      5. If you are searching by summons number, do not enter any hyphens or other characters (e.g. 4123400345 not 412340034-5)
  3. What if I do not know the Case Number?
    • The case can be located by the defendant's name
  4. I'm not sure of the spelling of the defendant's name - can I still find the case?
    • If you are not sure of the spelling of the defendant's name just enter the first few letters of the name (you must enter at least two letters of the first and last names or - if you are searching for a corporation - at least the first 5 characters of the name)
  5. Can I find all my cases by searching on Attorney Name?
    • At this time it is not possible to search by attorney
  6. I keep getting a "No records found" message, but I know the case exists. Why?
      1. If you are searching by case number make sure that it is correctly formatted (see #2 above)
      2. If you are searching by defendant's name check the spelling - if you are unsure of the spelling just enter the first few characters of the defendant's last and first names
      3. If you are still unable to locate the case, please remember that we only show those cases which have future appearances. After a court appearance, it may take the court a day or more to enter the next appearance, and for this to show up in WebCriminal
      4. Please refer to item 3 in General Site Information for other reasons why a case may not be displayed
  7. How do I find out about the outcome of a case?
    • We are not permitted to display information about finished cases. You should contact the court directly for this.
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  1. How can I find court calendar information?
    • To view a calendar for either a specific Court Part (or Parts) or a Judge (in Supreme and County Court only).
      1. Select a court from the drop-down list
      2. Then specify the date(s)
        • When entering the Date Range, use the format mm/dd/yyyy or simply select a date by clicking on the calendar.
        • The From date you enter should be no earlier than today.
    • To create a printable Part Calendar
      1. Select a Part or Parts from the list
      2. Choose your output format - either HTML (the default), PDF or select an email address to have the calendar sent to
      3. Click on Find Calendar
    • To create a printable calendar for a Judge in either Supreme or County Court
      1. Enter the first few characters of the Judge's last name
      2. Choose your output format - either HTML (the default), PDF or select an email address to have the calendar sent to
      3. Click on Find Calendar
  2. Can I find case detail information from a calendar?
    • Yes. Click on the Case # link and you will be taken to the Case Detail screen. From there you can also navigate to the Appearance Detail, Charge Detail and Motion Detail screens.
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Other Information

  1. How do I obtain a Certificate of Disposition?
  2. How do I perform a Criminal History Record Search?
  3. How do I plead Guilty to a "Consumption of Alcohol in Public/Open Container" violation in NYC by mail?
    • If you receive a summons for a violation of Section 10-125 (2b) of the NYC Administrative Code (Consumption of Alcohol on Streets Prohibited), you may be eligible to plead guilty and pay the fine by mail. Information for the Plea by Mail program
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  1. Which browsers do you currently support?
    • We support the following browsers
      1. Firefox version 3.0 +
      2. Internet Explorer version 7.0 +
      3. Safari version 3.0 +
    • You may encounter problems using older versions of these browsers and we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest versions. How do I download the latest browser version?
    • Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access WebCriminal using a handheld device, such as a Blackberry or web-enabled cell phone.
  2. How do I check my browser version?
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