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We provide support for the eCourts websites. Please note that we cannot supply any more information about a case other than what is displayed in our web pages. We are also unable to provide legal or procedural advice of any kind. If you have a legal question, please consult an attorney, or contact the court directly.

  • Are you having difficulty locating a criminal case? Some cases are not displayed online because:

    • they have been sealed by the court, or are eligible for sealing under CPL Section 160.55
    • they do not have a future court appearance date
    • they are disposed (finished)
    • they involve youthful offenders
    • they may not yet have been recorded by the courts (it may take a day or two to enter the next appearance)
    • they have a future appearance date where the top charge is an infraction or violation

    For more information, please see the WebCriminal FAQ page.

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  • Do you see information that you believe is incorrect? If any information displayed about a case, an attorney, firm or court in our web pages or email notifications is incorrect, please contact the court directly, as it is the staff of a specific court that enters the data into the system. We are unable to make any changes.

  • Are you having difficulty understanding the abbreviations or legal terms used in our search page results or notifications? Please refer to the Webcriminal Glossary, the Common Abbreviations Glossary, or contact the court directly for an explanation.

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