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Glossary of Common Abbreviations

The following is a list of some of the more commonly encountered abbreviations found in eCourts. Please bear in mind when viewing the Comments fields that these are primarily used by the court staff to make notations for their own use. The same abbreviation may mean different things in different courts (you will note that many of the entries in this glossary show multiple translations) and different courts may use different abbreviations to mean the same thing. Frequently (primarily for downstate Civil Supreme courts) you will find the appearance time (e.g. 11:30). You should view the comments in the context of the case, for example you may often find the Justice's initials included as part of the comments.

If you are unable to locate an abbreviation here you should contact the court for clarification.

Just click on the first letter of the abbreviation to navigate to that section of the glossary.
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AAO: An Affiliate Of or And All Others or As Administrator / Administratrix Of or As Assignee Of
ADDL: Additional
ADJ or ADJD: Adjourn(ed)
ADM or ADMIN: Administration or Administering
ADMNX: Administratrix
ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADV FR: Advanced From
AFFID or AFFIDVT: Affidavit
AFF or AFFIRM or AFFM: Affirmation
AGO: As Guarantor Of or As Guardian Of
AIO: As Insurer Of
AKA: Also Known As
AMND: Amended
AP: Appearance
APP: Appearance or Application or Appellate
APPL: Application
APPR or APPS: Appearance(s)
APPTG: Appointing
APRSR: Appraiser
APS: As Per Stipulation
APT: Appointing or Apartment
APTR: Order to Appoint a Referee
ARG: Argument
ASSOC: Association
ASO: As Successor Of
ATTY: Attorney
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BD: Board
BKLYN: Brooklyn
BSA: By its Servicing Agent
BX: Bronx
BY PNG: By Parent(s) as Natural Guardians of
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C-FINAL: Complex—Final
C.H.: Compliance Hearing
C/A: Cause of Action
C/O: Care Of
CAL: Calendar
CAPT: Caption
CC: County Clerk or Calendar Call
CCB-RM: County Clerk Building--Room #
CCJP: Calendar Control Justice Part
CCO: County Clerk's Office
CCP: Central Calendar Part
CEN or CENT: Center
CERC: Certification Conference
CERT: Certified
CERT/O or CERTI/ORD: Certification Order
CH: Compliance Hearing
CHAMB: Chambers
CHT: Chart
CI: City Clerk
CIT or CIT-J or CIT-NJ: Case against the City of New York, J = Jury, NJ = Non-Jury
CKAM: Clerk's Part AM
CKPM: Clerk's Part PM
CLK or CLKS: Clerk(s)
CLMK: Clerk's Mark
CMB: Contested Matrimonial B
CNF: Conference
CNTRL: Central
CNTY: County
CO: Company or County or Court or Compromise or Conference or Comment
COMM: Community or Comment or Commence
COMP: Compromise
CON or CONF: Conference
CONS: Consolidate or Consent
CONT: Continued
CPLR: Civil Practice Law and Rules
CPNI: Conference Part Note of Issue
CPO: Cancelled Per Order
CSO: Case Scheduling Order
CT: Court
CTMT: Contested Matrimonial Cases
CTR: Center
CTY: County or City
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D/B/A or DBA: Doing Business As
DCM: Differentiated Case Management
DEC: Decision
DEF or DEFT or DFDT or DFNT: Defendant
DEL: Delete(d)
DEPT: Department
DEST: Destroyed
DIAG: Diagnosis or Diagnostic
DISC: Discovery or Discontinuance
DISCONT: Discontinuance
DISM: Dismiss(ed) or Dismissal
DISPO: Disposition or Disposed
DIST: District
DIV: Division or Divorce
DLFO: Defendant's Long Form Order
DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles
DRO: Domestic Relations Order
DSF: Denied Short Form Order
DSON: Denied Settle Order on Notice
DT or DTD: Date or Dated
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EBT: Examination Before Trial
ECCO: Erie County Clerk's Office
EFM: Electronically Filed Motion
ENE: Early Neutral Evaluation
ENT: Enter(ed)
ENV(S): Envelope(s)
EXT: Extended or Extension
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F&S or F/S: Foreclosure and Sale
F.C.P.O.: For Calendar Purpose Only
FCP: Final Conference Part
FDB: Formerly Doing Business as
FF: Findings
FIP: File In Part
FKA: Formerly Known As
FPTC: Final Pre-trial Conference
FSD: For Selecting Trial Date
FT/O: First Time On
FTP: Final Trial Part
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GEN or GEN'L: General
GENPART: General Part
GEXT: Grant to the Extent (of the referenced decision)
GEXTSF: Grant Extension Short Form Order
GRP: Group
GSF: Granted Short Form Order
GSON: Granted Settle Order On Notice
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H/C: Hand Carried
HIP: Health Insurance Plan
HON: Honor
HOSP: Hospital
HRG: Hearing
HWY: Highway
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IA: Individual Assignment
IAS: Individual Assignment System
IMAG or IMG: Image or Imaging
INA: Inactive
IND or IND: Index
INF COMP: Infant's Compromise Order
INFT: Infant's
INIT: Initial
INQ: Inquest
INQH: Inquest Held
INS: Insurance
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J.S.: Jury Selection
J/TRIAL or J/T: Joint Trial
JCP: Jury Coordinating Part
JD: Judge's Decision
JF&S: Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale
JDGT or JDGMT or JGT or JT: Judgment
JGT REJ: Judgment Rejected
JHO: Judicial Hearing Officer
JMT: Judgment
JSC: Justice of the Supreme Court
JT: Joint or Jury Trial
JT DIS: Joint Disease(s)
JTC: Judgment (sent) to chambers
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LTR: Letter
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MAL or MALP: Malpractice
MAT: Matrimonial
MC: Medical Center
MDAI: Motion Disposed as Indicated
MDEF: Motion Defaulted
MED: Medical
MED/MALP or MEDMAL: Medical Malpractice
MEM: Memorial
MGMT: Management
MO: Motion
MOCA: Marked Off - Case Active
MOSC: Matrimonial Order to Show Cause
MOT or MOTN or MTN: Motion
MP: Motion Pending
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MV: Motor Vehicle(s)
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N/A/D or N/A/P: No Appearance /Defendant or /Plaintiff
N/I or NOI: Note of Issue
N/I/F or NIF: Note of Issue Filed
N/I/S: Note of Issue Submitted
N/J: Non/Jury
N/R: Not Received or Notice Received
NA: No Appearance
NAES: No Appearance Either Side
NASS: Nassau
NCMC: Nassau County Medical Center
NCPD: Nassau County Police Department
ND: Notify Date
NIFILBY: Note of Issue File By
NINA: Note of Issue / No Appearance - a court control date used to monitor and determine if a Note of Issue has been filed by the actual due date.
NOIEXT: NOI Due Date Extended
NON-COMM PT: Non-Commercial Part
NOT'D: Notified
NUNC PRO TUNC: A phrase used in a judgment that is entered in such a way as to have legal effect from an earlier date.
NYPD: New York Police Department
NYS: New York State
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O/C: On Calendar
O/R: Order of Reference, Order to Appoint A Referee, Override (Transfer)
OPP: Opposition
OPUB: Order of Publication
ORD: Order
OREF or O/REF: Order of Reference
ORTHO: Orthopedic
OS: Order Signed
OSC: Order to Show Cause
OSCR: Order to Show Cause Refused
OSCW: Order to Show Cause Withdrawn
OT: On Trial
OT-J or OT-NJ: On Trial-Jury OR Non-Jury
OTC: Order to Chambers
P    Back to top
P/O: Per Order
PC: Preliminary Conference
PCH: Preliminary Conference Held
PCO: Preliminary Conference Order
PCP: Preliminary Conference Part
PCR: Preliminary Conference Requested
PD: Police Department or Post Disposition
PET: Petition
PETR: Petitioner
PETR'S: Petitioner's
PHYS: Physical or Physicians
PIP: Personal Injury Protection or Papers in Part
PLFO: Plaintiff's Long Form Order
PLTF or PLNT or PLTFF: Plaintiff
POA: Power Of Attorney for or Purchaser Of Account from
POR: Proposed Order Returned or Rejected
PPC: Pre-Panel Conference
PREF: Preference
PREJ: Prejudice
PREV: Previous(ly)
PT: Part or Pretrial
PTC: Pretrial Conference
PTC-J: Pretrial Conference Judge
PTY: Party
PUB: Publication
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QDRO: Qualified Domestic Relations Order
QMCSO: Qualified Medical Child Support Order
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R/R: Randomly Reassigned
RAD: Radiology
RAND: Randomly
RE APRSR: Real Estate Appraiser
REAS or REASS: Reassigned
REC: Record, Received
REC'D: Received
REF: Referee
REP or RPTR: (Court) Reporter
RESP: Respondent
RESUB: Resubmitted
RET: Return(ed)
RET'D: Returned
RJI: Request for Judicial Intervention
RM: Room
RT DT: Return Date
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S&G: Signed and Granted
S-FINAL: Submit-Final
S/R: Subpoenaed Records
SBT: Settled Before Trial
SBM: Successor By Merger
SC: Status Conference
SCH: Scheduled or Status Conference Held
SCLS: Suffolk County Lawyer's Service
SCO: Supreme Court Officer
SDT: Settled During Trial
SEL or SELEC: Selection or Selected
SEQ: Sequence #
SERV: Service
SETT or SETLMNT: Settlement
SF or SFO: Short Form Order
SGN or SGND: Signed
SJ: Summary Judgment
SLG: Scheduling
SON: Settle Order on Notice
SOS: So Ordered Stipulation
SP: Special or Special Proceeding
SPEC: Special
SPEC PREF: Special Preference
STC: Submitted to Chambers
STD: Stipulation to Discontinue
STIP: Stipulation
STIP/DISC: Stipulation of Discovery or Discontinuance
STP: Special Trial Part
SUB: Submitted
SUBST: Substituted
SUNY: State University of New York
SURG: Surgery, Surgical
SVC or SVCES or SVCS: Service(s)
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T.O.C.: Top of Calendar
T.R.C.: Trial Readiness Calendar
T.R.O.S.: Trial Readiness Order Signed
TA: Trading As or Transacting As
TAP: Trial Assignment Part
TAPJ: Trial Assignment Part Justice
TFD: Transferred
TRANS or TRANSFRD: Transferred
TRO: Temporary Restraining Order
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UM or UCMT: Uncontested Matrimonial
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VFD: Verdict for Defendant
VFP: Verdict For Plaintiff
VNI: Vacate Note of Issue
W    Back to top
W/ACT: With Action
W/D: Withdrawn
W/O: Without
WCB: Worker's Compensation Board
WD: Withdraw
WDN: Withdrawn
WI: Within
WL-C: City Waiting List
WL-G: General Waiting List
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XAPTR: Ex-Parte Appoint Referee
XJFS: Ex-Parte Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale
XJGT: Ex-Parte Judgment
XMOT: Ex-Parte Motion or Cross Motion
XOPUB: Ex-Parte Order of Publication
XORDER: Ex-Parte Order