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Important Information - Attorney Secure Pass ID Renewals
Attorneys who currently hold a tan Secure Pass ID may renew online, regardless of when the card expired. If your card has not yet expired, you may renew online no more than six (6) months prior to the expiration date. You must pick-up your new ID card and verify identity at the NYS courthouse of your choice.

If you have never been issued a Secure Pass ID, or wish to replace one that was lost or damaged, you must do so in-person. Hard copy application forms for Secure Pass IDs are available at most trial-level NYS courthouses. For additional information on this application process please see the Secure Pass website.
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  • Select a courthouse location where you will pick up your new Secure Pass ID
  • Agree to terms and conditions governing the use of a Secure Pass ID
  • Pay the $50 fee by credit card
  • Print your receipt to bring with you when you pick up your new Secure Pass ID

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