Form UCS-SEC-Atty-WebCriminal

New York State Unified Court System
WebCriminal Access Application
For Attorneys
  • This form is used to request a unique User ID for attorneys and their authorized employees and representatives to access pending cases within WebCriminal.

  • Complete this form and the Terms and Conditions for Attorney Access.

  • Attorneys not registered to the New York State Bar: provide the address and phone number of their state's Attorney Registration Department so that registration can be verified.

  • Authorized employees of a registered attorney should complete the information below but leave the NYS Attorney Registration # field blank. A registered attorney must co-sign the third page of the form and provide their attorney registration number.

  • You must first shut down your Pop Up blocker before clicking on the Submit Tab.

  • Fax or Mail this form and Terms and Conditions for Attorney Access to:

             Security Administration Unit
             Division of Technology
             125 Jordan Road
             Troy, NY 12180
             Phone: (800) 622-2522
             Fax:     (212) 457-2627

PLEASE TYPE all information requested below.
First Name  
MI    (optional)
Last Name  
Work Address  
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Email Address  
First 5 digits of your SSN  
NYS Attorney Registration #  
Co-signer's NYS Attorney Registration #  
Attorneys not admitted to the NYS Bar: provide the following information for the Attorney Registration Department in the State registered.
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