Welcome to the NYS Unified Court System's Part 36 Appointment System web page.  As a public service, the NYS Unified Court System is making available the public information included in its Part 36 databases on the internet.*  Please click on the category you would like to search.

        Eligible Lists
            Individuals eligible for appointment by category/county **

        Notices of Appointment
            Filed with the Office of Court Administration pursuant to 22 NYCRR §36.4 ***

        Approved Compensation
            Fees approved pursuant to Part 26 of the Rules of the Chief Judge ***

        Reports of Approvals of Compensation Received by Counsel to the Public Administrator
            Filed with the Office of Court Administration pursuant to 22 NYCRR §36.4(e)

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* This availability also fulfills the obligation of the Chief Administrator to publish the names of all persons and entities appointed by each appointing judge, and the compensation approved for each appointee pursuant to Section 36.5 of the Rules of the Chief Judge.

** The names appearing on these lists have been generated from the applications filed by these individuals.  Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained on this site is accurate and up-to-date, but if you believe an error is reflected in the data displayed, please feel free to contact the Appointment Processing Unit at

*** Notices of Appointment and Statements of Approval of Compensation are filed with the Office of Court Administration by the courts in which the appointments have been made and/or compensation has been approved.  Accordingly, certain approved transactions may not yet be recorded in this database.