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General Site Information
  1.  Which courts are included in WebFamily?
All Family Courts and Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts in New York State. For information on the IDV Courts please click here.
  2.  Are all cases displayed?
Only those cases which have a future appearance on the calendar are displayed. Information on cases related to adoptions, or which have been sealed, is not available online.
  3.  Why can't I see the names of the parties in a case?
Because of the sensitive nature of matters heard in Family Court, we do not display the names of the parties, nor do we allow you to search by the name of a party to a case.
Searching for a case
  1.  How do I find a case in WebFamily?
From the Search screen you can locate a case by entering either the Docket Number, the File Number, or the Attorney's Name.
  2.  I entered my docket number, but it says "No records found" - why is that?
Please make sure that you are entering the docket number in the correct format, which is CC-NNNNN-YY/yySS, where CC is a 1 or 2 character (alphabetic) case type, NNNNN is a 5 digit sequence number and YY is the 2 digit year of original filing - the docket number may include supplemental characters where yy is a 2 digit year of supplemental filing (if any) and SS is a 1 or 2 character (alphabetic) supplemental suffix. Also, please remember that WebFamily only shows information for cases with a future appearance date on the court's calendar.
  1.  How can I find court calendar information?
You may view the calendar for a specific Judge. Please enter a Court, Court Location and the Date Range, then select a Judge by clicking on the hyperlinked name. The 'From' date you enter should be no earlier than today.
  1. Which browsers do you currently support?
We support the following browsers:

Firefox version 3.0 and above
Internet Explorer versions 7.x and above
Safari version 3.0 and above

You may encounter problems using older versions of these browsers and we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest versions. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access WebFamily using a handheld device such as a Blackberry or web-enabled cell phone.