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NYSCEF Surrogate's Court


This site allows NYS attorneys and other authorized persons to file legal papers by electronic means. E-filing is authorized for certain case types in certain courts.
See our Authorized Courts and Case Types page.

First Time Attorney Filers If this is your first time logging in, you MUST first log into Supreme Court using the same user ID and password and then agree to the terms and conditions of NYSCEF and establish your e-mail service address.

Once you have completed this process, log out of Supreme Court and return to this page via the "Surrogate's Court" link on the NYSCEF Home Page. Please note: this process is only required the first time you log into NYSCEF. All subsequent filings can be done by coming directly to this page.

For information about this message or problems logging in, please call the Efiling Resource Center at 1-646-386-3033 or send an email to EFile@nycourts.gov.

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To e-file without an attorney, visit our Unrepresented Litigants website.
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* If you have an Attorney Online Services account (created in Attorney Registration Online), you can now log into NYSCEF with your Attorney Registration Number and password.  New attorney users can get immediate access to NYSCEF by clicking on the Create Account button and following the instructions after choosing Create Attorney Online Services Account.
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