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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Court Administration has converted to an electronic filing system for examination applications and fees to better serve the public. Applicants will receive an email confirmation that the application has been received. Admission and Results Notices will also be sent via email. In addition, applicants are no longer required to purchase money orders or postage as payment will be submitted online by credit or debit cards.

Payment & Security

  1. Can I still apply for an examination using a paper application and money order?
    Applications will only be accepted on-line using a credit or debit card for payment.
  2. Which credit card can I use?
    Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit cards may be used to pay the application fee.
  3. What should I do if I do not have a credit card?
    Re-loadable Mastercard or Visa pre-paid debit cards can be purchased from banks or retail outlets. Gift cards & debit cards which require no address registration and debit cards which require entry of a personal identification number (PIN) cannot be used to pay the processing fee.
  4. When will my credit or debit card be charged?
    Authorization is immediate, although it may take a few days for the charge to appear on your credit card balance statement.
  5. How will the processing fee appear on my credit card statement?
    The credit card statement will display the application processing fee as "Ct Admin Online Exam" or "NYS Court Exam." Note that you will see two charges: one charge for the application processing fee and one charge for the 2.99% credit/debit card service fee.
  6. Is it safe to send my personal information over the Internet?
    Similar to technology used by banks and online retailers, the system uses industry standard encryption to protect your personal data. Additionally your credit card information is not stored by the system and is used only to complete your payment and then erased.
  7. I get an AVS mismatch error when I submit my form. How do I fix it?
    AVS stands for Address Verification Service. Your credit card issuer verifies the address that you enter as your billing address against their records as a way of reducing fraud. You will get an AVS mismatch error if the address you enter for your billing address doesn't match the street and ZIP code on file with your credit card issuer. The address that you enter as your mailing address at the top of the form doesn't matter for AVS purposes and can be different. The address you enter at the bottom of the form for your credit card billing address must be the same address where your monthly credit card statement is mailed.
    If you get this error, it means that your card has not been successfully charged nor has your application been submitted. You should correct your billing address and submit the form again. Note that while you will only be charged once after entering the correct address, your credit card company may show a "pending" or similar status for up to 72 hours for each time that you receive this message. Each of the pending transactions will expire automatically, and only one actual charge will be made for each successfully submitted form.

Reasonable Accommodations

  1. I require reasonable accommodations to take the examination. What should I do?
    Applicants should contact us as soon as possible after submitting their applications, but no later than the close of the filing period for the examination. Documentation regarding the nature and extent of the need will be required as part of the accommodation process.

Completing the Application

  1. I want to compete in more than one examination administered on the same day. Should I submit more than one application?
    Separate applications must be electronically submitted if an applicant is applying to more than one examination.
  2. Can I save a partially completed or completed application?
    Applications cannot be saved within the online system.
  3. Can I use or transfer the information I provided on my application to apply for another examination?
    Applicants must prepare a new application each time they apply for an examination.
  4. How much time do I have to complete and submit the application before the application screen "times-out"?
    The application screen will "time-out" after one hour.
  5. How much time must elapse between submitting an application for myself and submitting an application for my spouse or child using the same credit card?
    When using the same credit card, two minutes must elapse between application submissions.
  6. Can I print a copy of my application?
    You can print a copy of an application before submitting the application, usually by going to the browser's "File" menu and using the "Print" function. The application cannot be printed after it is submitted.
  7. Can I forward a resume as part of my examination application?
    Resumes are not accepted as part of the examination application.
  8. How do I enter a foreign address?
    In the Street field, enter your street address as it needs to be for delivery in your country. In the City field, enter your city, province or district and postal code. Leave the State and Zip fields empty.
    NOTE: US States, Territories, Possessions, Protectorates and Armed Forces are not foreign addresses. All other addresses are considered foreign.

Eligibility & Lists

  1. Do I need to take the examination if I am on the expiring eligible list for the job title?
    Candidates remaining on the expiring eligible list will not be transferred to the new eligible list resulting from the examination.
  2. How long will the new eligible list be valid?
    An eligible list is valid up to four years, and can be extended for one additional year, at which time a new examination is held and a new list established.
  3. If I pass the examination, am I guaranteed a job?
    Depending upon the needs of the courts throughout New York State, candidates are notified from the eligible list based upon their written examination score and rank number. There is no guarantee a particular rank will be reached.
  4. Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to take the an examination?
    There is no citizenship requirement to take the examination. However, U.S. citizenship may be required at time of appointment for some job titles. The examination announcement will specify when U.S. citizenship is required for appointment.
  5. Do I need to be a New York State resident to take an examination?
    There is no residency requirement to take the examination. However, New York State residency may be required at time of appointment for some job titles. The examination announcement will specify when New York State residency is required for appointment.
  6. What is the difference between promotional and open competitive examinations?
    Only current and qualified employees of the New York State Unified Court System may file for promotional examinations. Qualified members of the general public may file for open competitive examinations. Please read the exam announcement to determine minimum qualifications to compete before filing an application.

Veterans & Active Military

  1. I believe I am entitled to Veterans Credits. What paperwork do I need to send?
    Veterans who have indicated on their application that they are eligible to receive Veterans Credits toward their scores will receive a letter from the Office of Court Administration after the administration of the examination informing them of additional steps required to be considered for Veterans Credits.
  2. I am in the military and will be deployed during the examination date. What should I do?
    Military personnel who anticipate being deployed during the examination date should contact us.


  1. Where will the examination be administered?
    Examinations are administered throughout New York State unless otherwise specified in the examination announcement. Applicants can select a test location preference on their applications.
  2. Can I select the Judicial District(s) throughout New York State where I am willing to accept future employment?
    Applicants who pass the examination receive instructions about selecting employment location preference on their Results Notices.

Trouble Connecting

  1. What should I do if my computer froze or crashed after I clicked the "Submit Application Button"?
    After re-starting your computer, check your email to determine if an application receipt confirmation has been sent. If you fail to receive an confirmation within 24 hours, please re-submit the application.
  2. What should I do if my computer froze or crashed after I clicked the "Submit Application Button"?
    Attempt the application process at a later time. Most of the time, system problems are corrected within a short period of time. Occasionally, scheduled system maintenance requires longer periods of unavailability during non-business hours.
  3. What should I do if my computer froze or crashed after I clicked the "Submit Application Button"?
    To access the examination application site, the applicant should use a supported web browser. Please click here to view the details.
  4. I received an ID number when I submitted the application, but I did not receive an email confirmation.
    Please check your "junk" mail or "spam" folder as your computer's or ISP's email filter or other software may interfere with receipt of the email confirmation. If you entered an invalid email address on your application, please contact us and include your Application ID Number.
    Confirmation emails are sent from the "" email domain. If possible, you may wish to add a "white list" filter to allow emails from <anything>

Refunds & Changes

  1. Can I receive a refund if I submitted more than one application for myself?
    The application processing and credit/debit card service fees are non-refundable. If you need to amend your personal information prior to the examination, contact us or follow the instructions in the examination announcement.
  2. What should I do if I need to change my personal information prior to the examination?
    Please contact us with the new information.

Other Questions

  1. Can you recommend a study guide or course?
    The Office of Court Administration does not recommend any commercial study guides or courses.
  2. How can I contact the Office of Court Administration if I have a question?