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The New York State Unified Court System maintains a registry database of New York attorneys and in-house counsels. Information from the database available to the public online includes an attorney's or in-house counsel's name, business address, telephone number, year of admission/enrollment to the New York bar, Appellate Division Department of admission/enrollment, and law school attended.

While every effort is made to insure that each attorney or in-house counsel listing is accurate and up-to-date, please be advised that the contact information is provided to us by the attorney or in-house counsel. Attorneys and in-house counsel are required to inform us of any changes to their registration information within 30 days of such change. In addition, each New York attorney's and in-house counsel's registration status is included in the online directory, including those currently listed as 'suspended', 'disbarred' or 'administrative terminated'. Disciplinary status is reported to us by the Appellate Divisions imposing discipline. The good standing of an attorney or in-house counsel and/or any information regarding disciplinary actions must be confirmed with the appropriate Appellate Division Department. Information on how to contact the Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court in New York is available at http://www.nycourts.gov/courts.

The user, by selecting Attorney Search or In-House Counsel Search, acknowledges that the NYS Unified Court System (UCS) has no express or implied liability from the use of such information.

The Attorney and In-House Counsel Directory are provided as a FREE public service by the NYS UCS*.

This system and all data are the property of the NYS UCS.

Data may not be mined or sold, or used in any pay-for-use application, without the express written permission of the NYS UCS.

This site may not be accessed by any automated program ("bot") for the purpose of extracting data for any use.

This site may not be directly linked to or by any website without the express written permission of the NYS UCS.

Unauthorized use or attempted unauthorized use of this system may subject you to appropriate disciplinary action and criminal or civil penalties.

For additional information, contact the New York State Office of Court Administration, Attorney Registration Unit, (212) 428-2800.

*Pursuant to Part 118.2 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator, information contained in registration statements shall be made available to the public upon submission of a written request and the payment of a charge for production, as follows:

(A) -No charge for a single name inquiry
-$2.50 for each additional name

(B) Names and business addresses of registered attorneys by geographical area:

-$25.00 for 100 or fewer names
-$1.00 for each additional 100 names
-$100.00 for list of all registered attorneys

Other requests may entail additional fees as circumstances warrant. Fees may be waived for requests by government agencies. Written requests for information shall be made to the Attorney Registration Unit, 25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004.




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